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The Great Lakes Cider & Perry Association (GLCPA) is a nonprofit organization formed to showcase and promote fermented apple and pear beverages and to help educate consumers and producers about them. Our members include both commercial and non-commercial producers, as well as affiliate members located outside the region. Come join us at one of our events and discover some of the finest North American ciders and perries!

2015 Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Results Announced - Click Here!

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September 12
2015 Great Lakes Cider & Perry Festival
Uncle John's Cider Mill – St. Johns, MI

Hard cider made from seedling apples was an important part of everyday colonial American life and settlement of the western frontier. Seeds brought from Europe produced trees that adapted well to their new home. Some of the better selections from these early apple trees and their offspring survive today. Today the states and province bordering on the Great Lakes produce about one quarter of all apples grown in North America.

Historical and modern American apples generally lack the astringency characteristic of many European cider apples. This makes the question of what makes the “best” cider a matter of personal and regional perspective. As North America reclaims its cider heritage the Great Lakes Cider & Perry Association seeks to help people understand and appreciate ciders and perries made with locally grown fruit under a wide range of traditions. This melting pot of traditions is reflected in beverages that show a high degree of diversity in character.

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